nigiri sushi or sashimi

nigiri sushi or sashimi

Nigiri sushi or sashimi is both delicious Japanese cuisines. Sashimi has a one of a kind taste. Sashimi is good for appetizer and diet. The fish like tuna,salmon and other seafood meat really fits for sashimi. Japanese loves to create dishes that different from others. All their dishes have originality.

Either nigiri sushi or sashimi Japanese are proud in these two dishes. If you want to eat raw meat you better choose sashimi but if you want to eat a vineyard rice and with raw rice on top better try eating nigiri sushi. Sushi is known to be one of Japanese favourite cuisine. Sushi introduced in Japan during long time ago.

Nigiri sushi is very saleable in Japan. Japanese known to eat rice so nigiri sushi really fits for the people who eat rice flavoured with vinegar. Nigiri sushi is a common sushi. In most Japanese cuisine Nigiri sushi is always include in Japanese menu because it’s very delicious and flavourful.

Nigiri sushi and sashimi has side dishes. Their side dishes includes vegetables like raddish,ginger and other vegetables. Sashimi needs to have a soy sauce and wasabi in Nigiri sushi wasabi will be needed but soy sauce could not be necessary. Other people got confused between nigiri sushi and sashimi. In ordering they assume that sashimi is sushi and sushi is sashimi well in fact they are different with each other.

Always put in mind that sashimi is eaten raw. In nigiri sushi the fish on top of the vineyard rice can be raw or cooked. Nigiri sushi or sashimi are must try because it is very delicious and famous delicacy from Japan.