nigiri sashimi

nigiri sashimi

Make sure in eating Japanese cuisine make sure you can able to determine nigiri from sashimi. These two dishes have a different characteristic although sometimes they have same side’s dishes. Nigiri is a kind of sushi that is moulded with rice and on the top on it is raw fish. Both Nigiri sashimi is a product of Japanese cuisine. These two dishes are known their popularity from many parts of the world. Nigiri sashimi is not only a dish in Japan but many western countries able to serve this kind of food.

There no such thing as Nigiri sashimi but its nigiri sushi. Rice is one of the main ingredients of Nigiri. Nigiri has a raw fish on top of the rice but it doesn’t mean that nigiri is eaten raw unlike with sashimi it was prepared for a raw meat of the fish like tuna, salmon and other seafood meat. Sashimi is advice to eat with chopsticks. In nigiri it can be eaten using chopsticks or by hands. In sashimi though it doesn’t serve with rice you can still eat sashimi with rice but in separate plate not included in the recipe.

The fish on top of the rolled rice doesn’t required to be raw it can cooked. You have an option and the rice of the nigiri rice is vineyard rice. The vinegar makes the rice of the sushi more tasteful and delicious. Nigiri can be serving with or without soy sauce. Like sashimi nigiri can serve with wasabi to make nigiri more flavourful. Nigiri and sashimi is a special kind of dish. This kind of dish is very challenging to those people who don’t eat raw food. Sashimi is a big challenge to them coz raw food has a different taste compared to a well cooked food. It’s challenging but when sashimi is being prepared with a high quality meat and the fish is fresh you can able to say that it’s a satisfying food to everyone. Both Nigiri and sashimi is healthy and the amount of nutrients and vitamins you get will depend on the amount per serving of Nigiri and sashimi.