nigiri sashimi sushi

nigiri sashimi sushi

The nigiri sashimi sushi is all Japanese cuisine. If you want to visit Japan it would not be complete without visiting Japanese restaurants that cater best Japanese cuisine. Most of the people easily remember when it comes to Japanese food is the sushi wherein it a kind of dish that prepared with sushi rice and a fish meat some rolled with seaweed.

There are many Japanese cuisines and the nigiri sashimi sushi could considered as one of the popular dishes of Japan it is because those dishes are very delicious and you can’t resist to try eating sushi and sashimi. A nigiri is a kind of dish made of sushi rice and on top of the vinegared rice is a raw fish meat. You should not be confused of nigiri and sashimi.

The nigiri sashimi sushi is not a new dish in Japan. Almost all of the people live in Japan know about the best of nigiri and sashimi. The sashimi is a raw meat made from seafood meat like salmon,tuna,shrimp,crab and it can be horse and chicken meat but its rarely serve. The sashimi is best for appetizer but you can eat sashimi with rice and miso soup.

There other kinds of sushi like maki sushi it will roll in seaweed with a vinegared rice and some mix it with vegetables and fruits. Many people love to eat nigiri sashimi sushi because of its authentic taste and you it’s something different with other dishes. Aside from that it gives healthy benefits because seafood meat contains high protein and amino acid needed the body.

Always remember that a nigiri has Japanese rice flavoured with vinegar and with sashimi the meat will be sliced thinly and proportionately and you can able to taste the flesh of the meat since there is no cooking in sashimi all is raw to make it tasteful better mix it with wasabi paste and soy sauce.