nigiri sashimi difference

nigiri sashimi difference

The Japanese cuisine is one of the well known cuisines in the whole world. Most of their dishes are very delicious and the taste of their dishes dominates in the market. The sushi and sashimi are one of the two dishes of Japanese that many people love to eat. There are some dishes of Japanese that people might interchange the meaning.

The nigiri sashimi difference when it comes to preparation and ingredients being use. The nigiri is a kind of sushi and not a sashimi. A sashimi is eaten raw and all its ingredients are all raw unlike nigiri that it can be raw or cooked. In Nigiri it has rice but with sashimi there is no rice only seafood meat and some side dishes like vegetables.

All dishes have its own differences like the nigiri sashimi difference they are not the same. There are sashimi that uses other meat like horse and pork but with nigiri it should always fish the pork and horse is not applicable for nigiri. These two dishes are both delicious but they have different in ingredients and also how to prepare.

They have similarities like the side dishes and soy sauce and at the same time the two dishes uses wasabi paste. The nigiri sashimi difference is the sashimi is best use to eat using chopsticks but with nigiri you can eat using chopsticks but it’s good to use your fingers. In sashimi you can purely taste the whole meat but with nigiri there is rice flavoured with vinegar on it.

Though these two dishes are difference but still they are the Japan’s pride because of its authentic taste. The looks of the two dishes are very different when you see the nigiri and sashimi dishes you can easily determine of the two because they have different characteristics and there are ingredients that are not applicable with each dishes.