nigiri & sashimi

nigiri & sashimi

The nigiri & sashimi is a Japanese food. These dishes dominate the market and it very popular in Japan. This is the favourite food of Japanese people. But today these dishes are also best choice of many western people because it is best food for diet and it will lower down cholesterol. The sashimi is eaten raw and raw meat might a little bit risky but Japanese chefs manage to prepare it well.

You can only find best nigiri & sashimi in Japanese restaurants. These dishes invaded in different countries not only in Japan. These dishes are different from each other. If you want to eat rice flavoured rice better choose nigiri sushi and if you want to experience eating raw and no cooking better choose sashimi. Most of the time the ingredients of sashimi and sushi are seafood like fish and it has a high protein needed in the body.

Always remember that nigiri & sashimi a Japanese food but not all Japanese eat this food because foreigners also love this food. The sashimi is best appetizer you can eat it with or without rice but the rice is separate unlike with sushi that the rice is the main ingredient of sushi. The vinegared rice is the trademark of sushi.

Most of Japanese dishes have health benefits. There ingredients contains necessary vitamins and minerals that help the body function normally. It will lower cholesterol and make heart healthy. The sashimi and sushi is good for diet and maintain body weight. Today people should be particular on the food they eat because of the threat on eating unhealthy food.

It might eating unhealthy foods will not result during your younger years but possible you can experience health problems when you get old and the reasons is eating improper food. The nigiri & sashimi is a dish guaranteed healthy and it the same time still eat with moderation because too much is still cause bad to the health of the person.