nigiri or sashimi

nigiri or sashimi

There times that nigiri and sashimi are being compared with other well in fact Nigiri is different from sashimi. Although nigiri and sashimi are both Japanese cuisine but they have different ingredients and preparation. They sound the same but they are different. Nigiri or sashimi is both delicious.

A nigiri is one of the type of sushi wherein the ingredients a vineyard rice. On top of the nigir is a raw fish or any other ingredients can be. With sashimi it is special dish where all ingredients are raw no cooking compare to nigiri that it can involve cooking. Nigiri cannot be complete without the rice with sashimi rice a separate dish. You can eat sashimi without rice. Rice is just an option in eating sashimi.

Not like in Nigiri rice is the main component of the dish. Nigiri or sashimi is both Japan’s pride because these two dishes are very popular in the world. Sushi and sashimi are Japan’s finest dishes. Nigir and sashimi needed a sauce. A soy sauce, wasabi and ginger are the dipping sauce of nigiri and sashimi. Eating sashimi is advisable to use chopsticks.

With nigiri you can use chopsticks or by hands. The taste of the sashimi lies on the quality and the freshness of the fish. If the fish is no longer fresh there is a possibility that you cannot taste a delicious sashimi. Preparing a sashimi needs to have extra attention especially to the meat because those meat being slice for sashimi are eaten raw. No cooking even steam the slice fish meat will directly put in the bowl together the side dishes. Better choose nigiri or sashimi but for me these two are delicious.