nigiri and sashimi difference

nigiri and sashimi difference

If you want to know some facts about nigiri and sashimi difference then I am going to share it to you. Most people that would want to know about nigiri and sashimi difference are not that familiar about sushi and sashimi. Most of the time, these people have not tasted nigiri sushi and sashimi that’s why they cannot tell the difference between the two great Japanese delicacies. As you know, nigiri is a type of sushi and definitely not a sashimi. Most of the mistakes of other people most especially the foreigners is that they would think that a nigiri is also a sashimi but the truth is that it is actually a type of sushi.

Nigiri and sashimi difference could be observed simply by looking at the way it is served aside from its taste is concern. Nigiri sushi could be made from a raw fish only while a sashimi could be made from a raw meat and fish and even beef strips. There is also no such thing as nigiri sashimi because nigiri is just simply a classification of sushi and it is not a type of sashimi. But both nigiri sushi and sashimi are very delicious and pleasant to eat.

There are a lot of people that are a stranger to nigiri sushi and sashimi in the past. But now, the story is different because even in the neighboring Asian countries, both nigiri sushi and sashimi are very popular. Because of internet, nigiri sushi and sashimi became quite popular to people these days. Aside from that, it is really very delicious that’s why we could often hear people talking about the taste of a nigiri sushi and sashimi and it also makes as curious and would want to try it for ourselves.

In my own opinion, only foreigners are confused about nigiri sushi and sashimi because for Japanese people, they are not a stranger to their own delicacy. They love to eat nigiri sushi and sashimi and the good thing is that right now, it has been introduced to a lot of people and good thing that these people also love it.