most expensive sashimi

most expensive sashimi

Sashimi is a Japanese cuisine. This is one of the dishes that made popular to different countries. Sashimi invaded not only in Japan but included in some parts of the world. A sashimi is a dish that is raw. All ingredients of sashimi are eaten raw. The meat being used in sashimi is seafood meat like salmon, tuna, shrimp, crab and other.

A different fish meat has a different quality if the meat and those meet are not easy to catch especially the tuna and salmon that considered one the largest fishes in the ocean. The most expensive sashimi is the bluefin tuna. This kind of tuna has a special kind of meat. The meat is perfect for sashimi and it has good quality.

The most expensive sashimi will be base on the quality of the fish. How fatty and juicy the meat is. The the bluefin tuna might consider the most expensive sashimi tuna it is because of its meat that give so tasty and aside from that bluefin tuna is rarely can be catch. Most rare fish that can be catch in the ocean most of the time it will serve expensive.

A bluefin tuna is a large fish once the fishermen caught this kind of fish it will surely sell to the market with higher price. It is one of the reasons Japanese restaurants will consider bluefin tuna the most expensive sashimi when they will serve it to their customers. The demand is high and many people love to order this kind of sashimi.

There are so many fish meat used for sashimi those meat comes from different kinds of fish. There are so many kinds of fish in the ocean and those meats have different characteristics and quality.