making sashimi

making sashimi

Sashimi is one of the simple foods to prepare. You can make sashimi even at home. No need to go out and look for restaurant serves sashimi food. Sashimi is a Japanese cuisine and these can kind food its main component of these food is a raw fish. Even at home you can make your own version of sashimi. Other supermarkets sell fish that is already slicing into thin and it’s ready for sashimi experience. No need to buy a whole salmon and tuna and make an effort to slice and the fish and have a perfect cut.

In making sashimi make sure you choose the best salmon or tuna. You need to buy fresh fish to avoid any problem of sashimi after eating. Raw fish is a delicate kind of food. You need to wash the fish many times and check if the flesh is good for sashimi. IF you buy fish that is already sliced it can save time and its hassle free on your part. It’s not easy slice the fish in thin slice it need extra effort to do it.

Sashimi can be eat with rice or without rice it’s up to your preferences. If you’re in a diet better eat it eat sashimi without rice coz rice is rich in carbohydrates. In making sashimi you only have to prepare a slice of fish, a ¼ thick will do. In choosing a fish make sure the fish is suitable for making the sashimi. It is very important that the fish has a good quality. After you cut the fish in a rectangular shape put it in the plate and to make the presentation nice put some side dish. Most side dish is vegetables and other ingredients you like to use.

Some ingredients include like radish, pickled ginger. To make the sashimi perfect prepare a dipping sauce like wasabi and soy sauce. That’s the perfect combination for sashimi food. Sashimi is good for appetizing rather that eat it as the main dish. If you want to eat raw food the best to recommend is sashimi because in making this food it takes only a few steps and you can already eat. If like to put elegant presentation to your home made sashimi it can be. That’s most of Japanese restaurants do make a tempting presentation of the sashimi to attract many customers. Customers get curious and excited if they can see something different in their eyes.