maki sashimi

maki sashimi

Maki is familiar with maki sushi but it also applicable to maki sashimi. Speaking of maki this is a type of food that is being wrapped and rolled the ingredients. Maki sushi is very popular wherein the ingredients are being wrapped by seaweed. A sashimi is a kind of food that is being prepared by raw meat with raw vegetables and properly arranged in the bowl.

This time with maki sashimi the meat are being wrapped and rolled. Sashimi is very popular not only in Japan but also in some parts of the world. There are so many kinds of seafood meat being used to make the sashimi perfectly. In maki sashimi the meat used will depend on the one who prepare he can use salmon, tuna or even crab.

In rolling the maki sashimi it can include different garnishes and being rolled. Many people find maki sushi s delicious but maki sashimi is also delicious wherein they can able to taste the juicy of the meat especially if the meat of the seafood is fat. The taste of the sashimi is already proven and guaranteed. The taste of the sashimi will depend on what kind of fish meat being used.

There are other people prefer to eat sashimi if it’s being rolled and wrapped in a maki way. Through this they can able to taste the whole ingredients combine when they eat it. No doubt if people will choose rolled sashimi or sushi because in this way of preparing food many would definitely like. Same with other sashimi type always keep in mind in preparing the sashimi maki or not maki style food handlers should follow standard procedure like proper freezing of the meat so that the bacteria can’t enter the meat and the skin of the fish.