make your own sashimi

make your own sashimi

The sashimi is a raw food thinly sliced and arranges it proportionately in a large bowl together with other side dishes. Most of the time when we hear the word sashimi when you want to eat sashimi you better visit a Japanese restaurant since sashimi is a Japanese cuisine. You have other option because you can make your own sashimi at home just only familiar the ingredients and the steps.

If you want to make your sashimi at home first thing to do is visit a supermarket and look for a meat usually sashimi meat is fish like salmon and tuna. Always look for a fresh meat with high quality of meat. The sashimi is a raw meat there is no cooking so you better take an extra careful to avoid health problems.

In the supermarket you can find a meat that are already slice intended for sashimi. Once you buy a meat that is already slice it will give you less hassle and at the same time the meat is well cut. Although you make your own sashimi it is good to have a nice plate presentation same ad you eat in a Japanese restaurants.

Wash the meat well and you other side dishes. Prepare a large bowl and arrange it in the bowl. The wasabi paste and the soy sauce also will make your sashimi taste good it will complement the tasty meat of the fish. When you make your sashimi just follow the safety procedure so that the one who eat your sashimi will not cause stomach problem or any problem cause by contamination.

The advantage in making sashimi at home is that you will able to know the simple steps in preparing and at the same time you can spend less money compare to buy it in a restaurant.