make sashimi

make sashimi

It seems so simple to make sashimi but in fact the hardest part in preparing sashimi is on how to preserve the ingredients to maintain the freshness of the fish meat. You can prepare sashimi at home no need to go to a Japanese restaurant to taste the delicious sashimi coz even yourself you can make a homemade sashimi and have the same taste in the restaurant.

And how to make sashimi at home it is very simple there are few steps to follow. Make sure you can buy a fresh fish meat in the supermarket. A meat that is free from bacteria and parasites because once the meat will be expose to any bacteria there is a big possibility that your health will be at risk. Food contamination is the number one reason of illness in eating raw food.

In a supermarket you can buy a fish meat that is already slice thinly so it’s much easier to make sashimi since there is no effort in slicing the meat of the fish well in fact it is not easy to make the meat slice perfectly like in the restaurants chefs did. The Japanese chefs are very expert in making sashimi in easy steps they can already serve to the customers the delicious sashimi.

To make sashimi tempting and attractive make sure you arrange the meat and the vegetables in the bowl. The wasabi paste and the soy sauce also play an important role in sashimi because this will add flavour to the flesh of the meat. Always remember not all meat is good for sashimi there is a fish meat good for sashimi.

The sashimi is a raw food the meat of sashimi will be fresh and you can able to taste the true meat no cooking required. That is why the sashimi needs to have a strict procedure with regards on the meat of the fish or other meat like chicken, horse or even frog. Make sure that the homemade sashimi has high standards to avoid health problems.