maguro sashimi

maguro sashimi

Maguro is the Japanese term for Bluefin. Maguro is another type of sashimi. Maguro is very popular in Japan for sashimi. This kind of fish is very good for sashimi. In making sashimi chef make sure that the fish being use is not an ordinary fish. The meat of the fish should be fat and the skin is in good condition.

The taste of the sashimi will lies on the quality of the fish. Chefs in Japanese restaurants choose a fish like maguro a Bluefin tuna that a hundred per cent good quality in terms of its meat. Maguro is one of the fish that make sashimi very delicious. Maguro sashimi is delicious not because chefs prepare it well but because the maguro’s meat itself is very delicious.

Maguro has a three types the akami,chutoro or otoro. The colour of the maguro meat is somewhat red that brings maguro sashimi convincing to eat. It is normal for sashimi that it should be slice thinly. The slice of maguro sashimi will depend on the chef what type of sashimi he wants to arrange in the bowl.

Many customers choose maguro meat for sashimi and sushi. Restaurant owners must need to secure maguro meat because many of their customers looking for it. Since maguro is saleable you should expect that the price is high. Maguro considered being the best meat for sasahimi.

The meat of maguro once you eat the slice of sashimi the meat will simply melt on your mouth no need to chew. Once you eat maguro sashimi you would definitely feel the real taste of the maguro meat. Maguro sashimi has perfect taste combine with wasabi and soy sauce and simply dip it.