mackerel sashimi

mackerel sashimi

Preparing a mackerel sashimi is very easy but there are certain steps that need to be followed if you are planning to make your own mackerel sashimi. First is that you should make sure that the mackerel fish is of high grade or sashimi grade fish. Since mackerel is a high in fatty acids, you should make sure that you will be serving fresh mackerel fish because there is a huge tendency that it could spoil that easily. Then you need to firmly cut the mackerel sashimi about 40 to 45 degrees towards the body. The next part would be a crucial part and it is deboning the mackerel fish. You should make sure that you will not destroy the firmly cut mackerel sashimi. A proper technique should be learned in deboning a mackerel fish sashimi. After deboning, peeling the skin will be the next step. In a mackerel sashimi recipe, it is served without bones and skin.

Mackerel sashimi is best served with wasabi or cucumber for the garnish. Most mackerel sashimi are hot and spicy that’s why you could always expect a crushed ginger or crushed wasabi on its sauce. Mackerel sashimi is very delicious and healthy but in preparing it, it should look presentable and the mackerel fish should be firmly cut as well. Cutting the sashimi fish is also a key in serving your sashimi. It should be firmly cut so that your customers or the consumers will not have a difficulty in chewing it since it is raw. Mackerel sashimi grade sashimi should be your first option in buying a sashimi fish. The grade of the mackerel is very important because it should be fresh.

In my own opinion, I could say that a mackerel sashimi is chosen by customers on a seldom basis because most of Japanese restaurant customers would pick a salmon or a tuna sashimi. But actually, a mackerel sashimi is also very delicious and very healthy to eat. It only depends on the Japanese restaurant that you are in on how they are going to prepare the sashimi whether it tastes good or not but overall, I could say that mackerel sashimi is very delicious and I really love eating it.