lobster sashimi

lobster sashimi

As we all know that lobster can be prepare and eat if its well cook but now a lobster can be a sashimi lobster. In a Japanese restaurant a lobster can eat raw. The procedure is that the tail and head of the lobster will be cut and only the body will remain and serve it as a lobster sashimi. Other people find it confusing why a lobster can be prepared as a raw. Not all customers appreciate the idea of the restaurant serving a lobster sashimi.

Many restaurants worldwide that serves lobster sashimi. In Los Angeles you can a Japanese restaurants serve a lobster sashimi. The Japanese restaurants there serve many raw foods and lobster sashimi is one of those. Most of the Japanese people love to eat fresh food and they find it delicious. Other fresh sashimi to make it a perfect meal they join it with rice and a soup. You can’t appreciate this kind of food if you are not a lover of raw foods.

A lobster is one of the expensive seafood. Large lobster serve by seafood restaurants are expensive compare to other creatures comes from coastal area. Many people love to eat lobster because they find it delicious and a healthy kind of food. It’s the best seller of most restaurants though the price is not affordable. For the rich people they are not after the price but the taste and the satisfaction they experience for them it would be enough.

Other people love the taste of lobster sashimi. They find is sweet when they mix it with wasabi and soy sauce. It’s a different type of seafood where it’s a raw. For that raw food lover they would definitely love to eat lobster sashimi. This kind of food is not a usual way of eating lobster. You can feel the flesh of the lobster meat when you eat lobster sashimi. Lobster sashimi is saleable to those seafood lover and love to eat uncooked food. But to those customers that can’t eat lobster uncooked they will definitely find eat awful and can’t appreciate the taste of what a lobster sashimi is.