liver sashimi

liver sashimi

Sashimi is a Japanese well known dish. There are so many different types of sashimi liver sashimi are one of the types of sashimi. Many people find sashimi interesting to eat with liver sashimi, it’s quite unbelievable that a liver can be eaten raw. Sashimi is a kind of food that should be eaten raw and no cooking involve.

One of the reasons people eager to eat sashimi it is because if you eat sashimi you could able to taste the true flesh of the meat. Eating the raw meat is not the usual way of preparing food in liver sashimi there some of the Japan’s restaurants include in their menu. There some of the people find liver sashimi delicious and they enjoyed eating liver sashimi.

People who have tried eating sashimi have different reactions. Most of their reaction is that sashimi is the best food and they love eating sashimi. Sashimi is best for those people who have high cholesterol. Sashimi is high in protein and knowing protein is one of the nutrients that human’s body needed.

Normally we saw liver is being prepared well cooked not eating raw. Japanese tried liver to be eaten raw and knowing Japanese is much known in exotic foods like eating raw meat. Health experts are very particular with regards to raw meat especially with lover. There are some restaurants that no longer serve liver sashimi and they didn’t include in their menu.

Restaurants discontinue in serving liver in sashimi way. Liver is not like the meat of the fish a liver should be best serve when it is serve well cooked. Though some define eating raw liver is delicious but to avoid some problems its best when it will serve well cooked.