live sashimi

live sashimi

If you want to see live sashimi better visit a site like you tube because there are many videos uploaded in these site videos on how to make sashimi. People tend to upload videos on how to prepare sashimi so that they can have an idea how sashimi is being prepared and the ingredients of sashimi is safe. There are people who are afraid eating raw meat but better look at the video so that you can have an idea.

Another reason to better watch a live sashimi preparation is that for those people who love to practice preparing sashimi watching those videos it is very easy to follow the steps and what are the ingredients use and at the same time the how to maintain the freshness of the meat. The proper slicing of the meat is very important.

In watching live sashimi videos better choose liable source videos because there are videos that just posted it online to gain attention of other people not to educate the viewers on how to prepare sashimi. Watching online is effective way to know how sashimi being prepared since it is hard for you to see in the restaurants on their preparation. One of the live sashimi videos went viral is the video of frog sashimi. A frog is an animal that can be eat but not all people eat frogs and when they eat frogs it should be well cooked but it so happen that it can be eaten raw through sashimi dish. There are other people can’t believe on it. The frog sashimi is not usual but there are restaurants serve it.

A sashimi is raw dish. All it’s ingredients are raw and made from seafood meat but later there are many kinds of meat now use for sashimi like frogs, horse and chicken but this kinds of meat are seldom seen in many Japanese restaurants there are some. Watching live videos can able get you an idea what sashimi is and what kinds of meat to use.