live lobster sashimi

live lobster sashimi

You might never believe that a live lobster sashimi could be served in a restaurant but it’s true that a lobster can be eaten raw in Japan. There are many kinds of meat to be use for sashimi and lobster meat is one of the sashimi meat that taste good and it is safe to eat. The Japanese chefs are fun of inventing and creating a new menu on their list.

For those people who have tried live lobster sashimi they said that it is delicious and the Japanese chefs assure to their customers that the lobster they serve is safe and fresh. The lobster meat should be fresh so that the sashimi will be safe. The texture of the meat is good for raw food. There some people prefer to eat the lobster meat rather than well cooked.

The live lobster sashimi is not new in Japan most of the restaurant in Japan serves lobster in raw way. The Japanese chefs are confident that they can prepare lobster even if it is raw. Their customers would love on how they prepare the food and arrange it in the plate. To complete the sashimi they will some side dishes garnish, ginger and vegetables.

A lobster is a seafood meat though its meat is not like a fish meat but the live lobster sashimi will not be behind in some other sashimi. It has also a unique taste and many people enjoyed eating the lobster raw in Japanese restaurants it is because the fleshes of the lobster taste good. Most restaurants before they prepare the lobster sashimi the customers can still see that it is alive.

Like other seafood meat the lobster contains nutrients needed in the body. The Japanese chefs will not serve lobster raw if they are not sure of the quality of the meat. The live lobster will prove that the meat they serve is fresh and the quality is high. You can never go wrong in eating raw lobster. It taste delicious you surely love to eat lobster meat raw again and again.