korean sashimi

korean sashimi

Sashimi is originated in Japan. Japanese chefs created this dish wherein sashimi is a raw food sliced thinly and prepare in the bowl. To complete the taste of sashimi sauce like Kikkoman sauce and wasabi paste is the best sauce for sashimi. Sashimi able to conquer different countries and many nationalities love the appealing taste of sashimi.

Today Korean made their own version of sashimi called hoe. Hoe is name by Korean its ingredients are raw beef and Koreans also prepare sauce for the raw beef and fish. With Korean version of sashimi they have some different kind of sauce like sweet sauce for their raw fish. The raw fish is properly arranged in the bowl and slice thinly.

Koreans chef don’t want to compare hoe from Japanese sashimi coz they make sure that it is different from the Japanese sashimi. The presentation of the Korean sashimi like side dishes has different ingredients to Japanese sashimi. Many Koreans love to eat hoe in Korean term it means raw dish.

Eating raw food is not new to many people. There are many countries enjoyed sashimi coz they could really feel the flavour and flesh of the meat they eat. Koreans are only one of many people and countries made version of sashimi. Sashimi is very popular so that is why it will compare if it has dish looks like same procedure with Japanese sashimi.

Korean sashimi is delicious and has a lot of side dishes like vegetables but it will not erase the minds of many people that when it comes to sashimi dish Japanese sashimi is more delicious and famous worldwide.