kajiki sashimi

kajiki sashimi

The fish to be use for preparing sashimi is undergo a thorough check and quality assurance. The fish to be use is not an ordinary fish it should have the best quality meat and usually it is big fishes. The kajiki sashimi is one of the best sashimi in Japan and so many people love to eat this kind of sashimi because the meat of kajiki has the perfect characteristics for making sashimi dish.

Not all fish is accepted to for sashimi because not all fish has a good quality for eating raw. A raw food is a delicate kind of food that needs much attention and high standard of preparation. The kajiki is a fish meat also known as blue marlin fish. The kajiki sashimi is one of the fatty sashimi among those other sashimi. The meat of the kajiki is white and has a flesh meat. The fish is big and usually seen during summer and fall.

The kajiki fish is also best in grilling. There are many different types of cooking with kajiki fish. There are a lot of varieties not only sashimi but kajiki sashimi is known in Japan. It is not easy to catch this kind of fish that is why selling sashimi is not cheap it has an expensive price compared to other dishes. There are other people prefer to cooked small kajiki because they just love how it cooked.

A sashimi is a kind of food eaten raw. It is very fresh and many people like to eat. The kajiki will be sliced proportionally for the preparation of kajiki sashimi. This is one of the options of the customers if they will order sashimi in the restaurants. There some people love to prepare at home and try to prepare a sashimi on their own. First thing to do in preparing a sashimi is it should be the check the freshness of the fish.