japanese food sashimi

japanese food sashimi

The japanese food sashimi is the food that many people choice not only Japanese people but also non Japanese people. It is because sashimi food is not only delicious but it can also give vitamins that our body need. The japanese food sashimi contains high in protein and protein is very important the body. The other reasons of other people are that sashimi has an authentic taste that you can’t find in other dishes.

Before are very conscious in eating raw meat because they are afraid that it might cause risk in their health since raw meat is prone from bacteria because sashimi will not be cook. But Japanese people are very intelligent and confident enough to prepare sashimi in a raw style. Japanese are fun in making exotic food that many people could not even imagine eating.

The japanese food sashimi is one of the proudest dish they able to create because it was able to get the attention of so many western people in fact in United States there are so many Japanese restaurants open it is because the demand on Japanese cuisine is high and the demand of sashimi and sushi is also high. Businessman took advantage to the opportunity that people love eating sashimi.

It is also advantage on the part of the people who are far from Japan coz no need to go to Japan just to taste the best sashimi in the world. The japanese food sashimi is the Japan’s finest delicacy wherein people admire the taste of it. From plate presentation of the sashimi alone you will definitely tempt to try eating. The colour of the fresh fish meat together with the side dishes is properly arranged in the bowl.