japanese food raw fish

japanese food raw fish

It is Japanese nature that there are many of their cuisine its ingredients is raw fish. There are many different kinds of raw fish that Japanese used to their specialty that needs raw fish. Sashimi is one of the best foods in Japan that requires a raw fish. Japanese food known to be delicious and has a nice presentation. Most of their food made by raw fish is saleable and famous not only in Japan but also in other part of the world.

Sashimi would consider as the number one Japanese food that need raw fish. All of its ingredients are raw. Raw fish like tuna, salmon. The fish is requires to be 100% fresh and the raw fish is suitable for sashimi. Sashimi is famous in different countries because it has a unique taste where the raw fish its main ingredients. The chef will check the raw fish before preparing the sashimi. In making sashimi there is a big chance of contamination if the fish is not in good quality.

There are different feedback and comments from sashimi since it is made from a raw fish. Sashimi is Japanese food and many question the quality of the food since they use raw fish as the main ingredient. Many people are satisfies with this kind of food because they can taste the freshness of the fish and other fresh side dishes. Aside from that sashimi is made from tuna or salmon so it’s guaranteed that it is good for the body. Eating raw fish is much safe compare to eating pork every day. Eating raw fish help a lot in diet.

Aside from sashimi another Japanese food serve with raw fish is sushi. With sushi Japanese used raw fish on top of the Japanese rice. This rice is vineyard and to complete the sushi it will need a raw fish on top. Raw fish is delicious depends on the one who eat raw. There are persons who don’t eat raw food. They only eat if it’s cooked. They find raw food not advisable to eat coz some are thinking it can cause bad to their health.