japanese food famous

japanese food famous

Japan is one of the best travel place destination. It would be a once in a lifetime experience to visit Japan and explore their culture and foods. Japan is a clean and nice place, you can’t see any trash or garbage in the street. Japanese people are cautious about keeping it clean. They want to maintain and remain one of the cleanest place in the whole world and it’s indeed true. Aside from having a beautiful place, Japan has many wonderful tourist spot. They have the famous cherry blossom; traveller can also experience skiing and different kind of adventure in Japan. Of course, what makes it more exciting when we travel in Japan is their food. Eating is always in the list. There are many Japanese foods that you must eat.

Japanese foods famous are just around the corner but you gotta look for the best Japanese food famous in Japan to make your travel experience worthwhile. Rice bowl is one of the Japanese foods famous in Japan. According to one of my Japanese superior, they often eat rice because Japanese rice is sweet compared to other places. Rice bowl often serve every meal. Sushi is a Japanese food famous around the world. Sushi is cooked with vinegared rice and mixed with raw fish and vegetables. Sushi varies in different texture and ingredients.

Ramen is everyone’s favorite Japanese food famous in Japan. Ramen is consists with noodles, egg, pork, soy sauce and salt. Ramen in Japan is very delicious and tasty, it feels good to eat Ramen during late night or during winter. Sashimi is also one of the Japanese food famous in Japan. Sashimi is raw fish which is cut into thin pieces. Sashimi is served simply but the taste is heaven. Many Japanese people recommend Yakisoba a Chinese style noodles. Yakisoba is either grilled or fried mixed with meat and various pieces of vegetables. Tonkatsu is such a delicious Japanese food served with sliced garbage. Tonkatsu are fried pork which is cut into pieces. In addition, Japan has Japanese food famous which is the tempura. Tempura is consists with seafood and it is very crispy, it is very delicious especially dipped into soy sauce.

These are some of the Japanese food famous in Japan. You must try it all to experience Japanese food culture and taste the unique but delicious food. I have eaten some of the Japanese food famous I mentioned above and it makes me eager to visit Japan and eat different kinds of Japanese food.