japanese fish sushi

japanese fish sushi

A sushi is a Japanese food that is very famous in Japan and some parts of the world. Sushi is one of Japan’s finest dishes. Japanese are proud of sushi coz it enables to conquered different countries and many people with different personalities love the taste of sushi. The main ingredients of sushi are Japanese rice. Brown or white rice and it will be flavour with vinegar to make more sumptuous.

Sushi has a Japanese fish sushi ingredients like if you make a nigiri sushi. Nigiri sushi has a fish on top of the vineyard rice. There so many types of Japanese fish sushi. The most popular Japanese fish sushi is the maki wherein this kind of sushi is a roll and wrapped with seaweed and there is fish on the roll to complete the ingredients of the maki roll.

There are different Japanese fish sushi use for making sushi such like bonito fish, Maguro, sake fish, fugu and other kinds of Japanese fish. All these Japanese fish sushi has a different meat some are fatty and juicy. There some other sushi types that using ebi and tako. Like sashimi sushi should also be prepared well.

The Japanese fish should be check before it will be slice for the making of sushi. Sushi can be prepared in so many occasions. In Japan they serve sushi like birthdays, wedding and all special occasions. Most of their special occasion’s sushi will not be absent. Sushi involves cooking not all ingredients are raw.

Soy sauce and wasabi paste are the dipping sauce of sushi. You can able to taste the delicious sushi if you will use as sauce. The Japanese fish to use for sushi should have a nice meat so that it will complement to the vineyard rice. Sushi in Japan there so many sushi restaurants and the industry is keep growing because many people are fun eating sushi because of its yummy taste.