japanese fish cuisine

japanese fish cuisine

The Japanese prefer to use fish most of the time with their dishes. The Japanese fish cuisine like the sushi and sashimi. These two dishes are made by largest fishes in the ocean most of them are catch large fishes. There are fish that can be catch in seasonal like bonito fish there is a right time to catch this fish good for sushi and sashimi.

The bonito considered one of the expensive fish because it seen seldom in the market. The Japanese fish cuisine is a favorite of many people. The Japanese loves fish because they know that are delicious at the same time it has a good benefits to the body. The fish contains high protein and it has omega fatty acid that helps maintain a good heart.

The fish plays an important role in Japanese fish cuisine. There would be no delicious sashimi and sushi without fish. Japanese chefs are good in determining the best quality of the fish they will use for sashimi. They are very particular on the fish they using because the freshness of the fish plays an important role in the preparation on the dish.

The Japanese chefs are genius in Japanese fish cuisine. Without these people the sashimi and sushi are not seen in the market. The chef knows how the fish slice either thinly or thick. They have great idea on how to do the fish to become attractive and being served as Japanese cuisine. The fish becomes one of the main ingredients of the cuisine in Japan.

The meat of the fish is very important because it has many vitamins and minerals which the body need. Not all nutrients can get in vegetables or in fruits but you need fish to complete those vitamins. That is why the Japanese cuisine made many varieties that people can choose and these foods are good to the body and contains high protein.