japanese fice for sushi

japanese fice for sushi

Japanese rice is one of the main ingredients of sushi. Sushi will not be complete without rice. Japanese rice used for Sushi is the ordinary Japanese rice where normally grown in Japan and the texture of the ordinary rice is sticky and suitable for sushi where it much easy to pick up with chop sticks. The ordinary rice can also be called as sushi rice. Japanese loves to eat rice this one of their main dish aside from their other food.

Japanese cook rice and they add other ingredients to have a good taste. Before the Japanese cook the rice they have soak it for several hours. They add water to the rice and start soaking. Soaking time will depend on the freshness of the rice. Japanese eat rice every meal that’s their traditional way of eating rice. In Sushi Japanese cook rice suitable for the taste for sushi. Japanese are experts in cooking. They have this different way of cooking.

Shari is the name of rice they use to cook for sushi. This rice is cook for making sushi its shape is something round. Japanese make an effort to make the sushi rice round. In making the sushi rice there are procedures to be follow. This procedure should be step by to follow so that you can able to cook perfect rice suitable for sushi. Sushi cannot be sushi without rice. Underneath the raw fish there is rice on it.

The Japanese way of cooking sushi rice is keep the heat high at initial and check every minute and mix it. Wait until the water boils and lower down the heat. Cover the pot and stop mixing the rice. When you check the pot if there’s no more water only rice grains left that means rice is ready. You need to make sure that the rice was not overcooked and not burn. The rice should properly cook so that you can taste it deliciously.

In getting the rice in the pot you need to use spoon and make sure the rice will not get damage. Always keep the sushi rice in shape and after add some vinegar to make to tasteful. The Japanese not only after the taste but they concern also with the presentation of the sushi.