japan sashimi

japan sashimi

The Japan sashimi is one of the favourite foods of Japanese. There are a lot of varieties of sashimi. A sashimi is a kind of food prepared raw and all the ingredients of sashimi should be raw. The meat should be a hundred percent bacteria free and the meat also should be in a high quality that is the important thing that chef remember.

There are many different Japanese cuisines and the Japan sashimi is one of the dishes Japanese chefs created because it has a unique taste and the presentation is very tempting to the eyes of the customers. The meat of the sashimi looks very fresh and the meat have a vibrant colour. In Japan there are many delicious foods in the Japanese restaurants.

The Japanese cuisine will not be left behind if you will compare it to other cuisines from Japan sashimi to sushi and other dishes you will surely love Japanese food. Aside from its delicious taste it has also nutrients that are very useful to the body. The seafood meat that mostly use for sashimi contains high protein and it also have amino acids good for the heart.

The japan sashimi has many common types like otoro,blue fin,salmon,tuna and even horse,crab,crab and others. This meat has a different texture of the meat. It is very important to choose the best meat for sashimi and not all seafood meat is good for sashimi. There is a meat suitable for sashimi and not all meat is good for preparing sashimi.

In Japan there are many delicious food and healthy. The Japanese chefs are not thinking only delicious but no health benefits once they prepare dishes they will give assurance to the one eating that it is safe and its good for the body. In sashimi it is raw and the fish meat will be slice thinly or thickly it depends on the chefs.