is sushi raw meat

is sushi raw meat

Is sushi raw meat? There are people have been asking if sushi raw meat. Sushi is not a raw meat. Some people would say that sushi is serving by raw fish or meat. Maybe because there are some sushis that the toppings are raw fish but it’s not the main ingredients of sushi. Sushi has many varieties different ways of preparing sushi. Some of sushi use raw fish on top of the rice this kind of sushi is called nigiri sushi. Many people got confused and always ask some questions that are sushi a raw meat which is not.

A raw meat is sashimi not sushi. Most non Japanese people will make some confusion between sashimi and sushi. Sushi is not raw meat and there are some parts of the world that serve sushi in cooked. In western countries where they don’t like much on raw food they more trust on well cook food so they make a sushi cook. Sushi is made by a Japanese white rice and mix with vinegar to add its taste.

Sushi will not be complete without rice. The meat is only part of the ingredients of sushi. Sushi is famous not only in Japan but also some places of the world. Although sushi was not first introduce in Japan but it seems that sushi was already adopted by Japanese. Japanese is good in making delicious food. They are fun of making food into extraordinary dishes. Sushi is part of the Japanese cuisine that able to take the sense of taste of many people.

There are types of sushi that being rolled. The ingredients like rice and some other vegetables are mix and rolled up with a seaweed wrapper. Like sashimi sushi also serve with sides dishes like garnish, ginger and other vegetables. Those side dishes make the presentation of the sushi more attractive and sumptuous. Sushi is best when you eat using your hands you feel more interesting eating using hands but chopsticks will also be applicable.

There so many forms of sushi like maki susi, uramaki, hosomaki and others. And these kinds of sushi have rice not a raw meat. If you love to eat raw meat better choose sashimi.