is sushi a japanese food

is sushi a japanese food

The sushi is one the famous food of Japanese cuisine that people can easily recognize that it’s a Japanese cuisine if they will hear sushi. There are people got curious where sushi originates and is sushi a Japanese food. Long time ago sushi originated in China and it was introduced to Japan and it became the Japanese dish since the Japanese modernized the sushi food.

Sushi is made of vinegared rice and on top on it is a raw fish. For those people asking is sushi a Japanese food and well in fact yes sushi is a Japanese food and many people love to eat sushi not only Japanese people but some other people came from different countries love to eat this kind of dishes. Sushi is delicious and at the same healthy.

There are other history that said that sushi also came in some part of Asia didn’t exist coz the truth is sushi a Japanese food. Only seldom can recognize that sushi is originated by Chinese but they can easily say that it’s Japanese. There are so many kinds of sushi the nigiri and maki is one of the popular sushi that most people love to order.

Each country has special dishes that can easily remembered by many people. And is sushi a Japanese food this food made of vinegared rice flavored of vinegar. There are people who can’t eat without rice and sushi is the best food for them because the food is all in one it has already rice and on top of it is a raw fish but sushi is not raw food.

Many people are very particular in terms of food where the food came from what is its ingredients and how the food being prepared. In a certain country there are so many different restaurants and has a special dishes and they are competing in the market. That is why it is very important a certain country has a signature dish so that people can easily remember the taste and the origin like with sushi which is Japanese dish.