ika sashimi

ika sashimi

Ika is a Japanese name for squid. You can find ika sashimi in the menu of the Japanese restaurants. Ika is another marine seafood that used by food handlers in preparing sashimi. Ika is one of the choices of the chefs when they prepare sashimi. There are so many people who are lover of eating ika. The meat of ika is somewhat chewy and flavourful.

The meat of ika should be properly frozen. Like other sashimi types all meat are screen and properly check. It is because Japanese restaurants will not serve dishes that are not hundred per cent good condition. Many people prepare ika well done and well-cooked but with ika sashimi it will eaten raw ad you can able to taste the pure meat of ika.

In making ika sashimi not all parts of ika will be included. The legs and head will be removed. The only meat that is good for sashimi is the part most probably the body. You can prepare ika sashimi at home but make sure that the meat you use for preparing is secured and make sure have a proper hygiene in preparing.

Ika sashimi belongs to the very sensitive ways of preparing food since ika sashimi is raw. Raw foods have easy procedure to follow but need much attention in preparing. Raw foods are prone to food poisoning and food contamination that is health experts advise to those food handlers to take extra careful in preparing raw foods.
In ika sashimi it’s advisable to eat to those who are experts in preparing like chefs to avoid problems. Ika sashimi is delicious dip when sauce and wasabi paste. It will be a perfect meal if you eat together with miso soup.