horse sashimi

horse sashimi

Horse meat is very rarely seen in many counties. There are only few countries who serve dishes using horse meat and one of the countries who use horse meat in their cuisine is Japan. In Japan sashimi food is one of the best dishes and there are different kinds. Horse sashimi is one of the delicacies in Japan. Many people find horse sashimi delicious.

Horse meat has a great meat. Its meat colour is pink and the meat so tender and fatty. Horse sashimi is healthy to the body because horse meat is less cholesterol, low in calories and horse meat is high in protein if you try to compare to beef, pork and other meat. Most of Japan’s sashimi is delicious and healthy even if the meat is eaten raw.

Horse sashimi will only serve in a selected time and not all Japanese restaurants serve horse sashimi there are only few Japanese restaurants who serve horse sashimi. Some people who taste horse sashimi couldn’t believe of what they eat are a raw horse meat. The meat of the horse chewy and the smell of it were odourless. Horse sashimi is healthy and delicious. Eating raw is somewhat dangerous but in Japan there’s assurance that the sashimi they serve is safe.

Horse sashimi is more expensive compare to other sashimi because of the content of the meat. Horse sashimi is a rare kind of meat. For those people who try horse sashimi they would love to eat it many times. Some try preparing horse sashimi at home and buy horse meat in selected supermarkets despite going in the restaurants. There different parts for horse meat. It is being categorized and slices the different parts of the horse.

It divided into very fatty the lean and others. There are meats that are suitable for sashimi part of the horse meat that is best for making horse sashimi.