homemade sashimi

homemade sashimi

Sashimi can be made at home. Homemade sashimi is prepared by a person who is a lover of sashimi and those people who love to eat raw fish. Most of the time if you like to eat sashimi you will just simply go to a Japanese restaurant and order a sashimi that you like to eat. The restaurant will prepare for you and serve you with their best sashimi. Most restaurants have many different presentation of the sashimi the plating the ingredients looks incredible.

For that homemade sashimi it will be simply prepared by others. There are people that love to prepare sashimi same presentation in the restaurants. In making homemade sashimi just go to the supermarket and buy fish like tuna, salmon or you can also use lobster and ebi it’s up to your preferences. In the supermarket you can buy fish that is already slice into thin and in rectangular shape. It is good since no need for you to slice the fish its hassle free on your part.

But some food lover likes to prepare it from slicing until it’s done. There people that fun of making homemade food like sashimi. After slicing the fish put it in the bowl and arrange the fish and put some side dishes of the plate like vegetable to make it more presentable. But before you put the fish on your bowl for the plating make sure that the fish is already clean and free from any parasites that can cause food poisoning.

In preparing homemade sashimi there is advantage and disadvantage. The advantage is that you can save money since you can budget your money in buying the ingredients compare to the restaurants that they have fix rate for the sashimi. The disadvantage is that there would be possible wrong preparation of the food. Sashimi is delicate kind of food since this eaten raw. It is dangerous especially if the fish you buy will be expose to high temperature make sure you maintain it frozen.

Sashimi has a standard procedure to follow. In the restaurants you have a high assurance that the sashimi they serve is safe compare to homemade that you are the one made it and good thing if you made sashimi for so many times. For those first timers to try homemade sashimi they need to read search proper preparation of sashimi.