hokkigai sashimi

hokkigai sashimi

The hokkigai sashimi is another type of sashimi that Japanese restaurants serve for their customers. Most of the time the sashimi is serves seafood and the hokkigai meat is another type of meat that has perfect meat for raw food such like sashimi. The meat of the hokkigai is made from the surf clam and it is not usual kind of sashimi.

Some people are just know sashimi is made up of fish like tuna and salmon they are not familiar that there is a hokkigai sashimi that is also delicious and has tempting taste. The hokkigai can be catch in hokaido part of Japan. The meat is shape is triangle and it has a reddish colour some will serve it boiled to soften the meat of the hokkigai.

The chef in Japan will not exert too much effort in hokkigai sashimi because it is already shape when you remove it in the clams unlike with fish that it takes too much effort on the part of the chefs to cut the large fish like tuna and salmon. Those large fish is not easy to cut it needs skills and the Japanese chefs are expert on it.

There are so many kinds of seafood meat for sashimi but not all are good sashimi the seafood meat should be in high quality. They will not just use all seafood meat without checking the quality of the meat. The hokkigai meat is best for hokkigai sashimi and many customers find it good and tasty. In preparing the sashimi using hokkigai some will put lemon or vegetables on side dishes.

Most of the customers are very particular of the food they will eat like in western people that before they are not convince in eating raw meat because they are afraid of the contamination that brought by it. But when they try to taste sashimi they love the taste and try to eat different kinds of sashimi including hokkigai meat from surf clam.