halibut sashimi

halibut sashimi

Halibut sashimi is another Japanese food. Halibut is a flat fish and this kind of fish is the largest flat fish. Halibut is another kind of fish appropriate for making sashimi. It is best for sashimi and eaten raw provided if halibut is frozen 4-6 days so that bacteria will kill. In a fish it is prone to any parasites so it is important that it is properly froze in a freezer before to prepare halibut sashimi. This is one of the safest ways to make a sashimi.

There are some reviews that halibut fish is not advisable to eat the fish raw. There might be cases that if the halibut will not be froze long there some tiny parasites that live in the skin of the halibut that might affect the food. Halibut sashimi is considered dangerous if it’s not well prepared. Halibut sashimi is not good in homemade. If you want eat halibut sashimi better go to a Japanese restaurant and have it order. In Japanese restaurants there is a big assurance that the halibut sashimi is well prepared.

The Japanese restaurants have a freezer that can kill the parasites that live in the skin of halibut. If you will prepare halibut sashimi at home your freezer might not kill all the parasites in the skin. There is no assurance your freezer can kill the worms in the skin in 4-6 days frozen. Halibut can be found in North pacific and North Atlantic Ocean. This is not an ordinary fish wherein this is the largest flat fish. Halibut sashimi should be prepared by expert chef.

Sashimi is known to eat raw. Sashimi didn’t involve in cooking it is purely raw fish its main ingredients. Raw food is near from any danger happen while preparing the sashimi. The restaurants should have a proper sanitation and the fish should freeze properly. In Halibut sashimi you cannot assure that all parasites was removed during the preparation of the food. There’s no equipment to check that the halibut skin has no longer tiny worms in it. The best thing to do to in preparing halibut sashimi is that follow all necessary procedure to make the halibut sashimi free from food poison.