fugu sashimi

fugu sashimi

A sashimi is well known dish in Japan but now it is also popular in some countries. There many kinds of sashimi it depends on what fish they using if you are using fugu fish you can make fugu sashimi. These kind of sashimi is a little delicate since a fugu fish is a poisonous kind of fish that is why Japan pay attention for those restaurants that uses fugu fish.

A sashimi is a raw meat and a raw meat is prone to contamination and health risk if it’s not well prepared and the fish being use is not fresh and the skin is being attack by bacteria. The fugu sashimi could be considered delicate sashimi since the fugu fish is a kind of fish that is poisonous especially in the part of the liver well on fact liver considered the most delicious part.

The fugu sashimi is still serving but the Japanese restaurant will have a person in charge for slicing the fugu fish. The person in charge should have a training and experience in preparing fugu meat. The fish contains high toxic that can cause problems to the health of the one eating the poisonous fish. Japan implements strict law with fugu.

The sashimi is known to be delicious and many people are attracted to eat this kind of dish. There are many kinds of sashimi the fugu sashimi is another types of sashimi serve in Japan but unlike with other sashimi that it has no too strict policy on preparing the food as long as the meat of the fish is fresh and with high quality. Those fish are not considered poisonous.

The raw meat is a delicate kind of food but it is not a problem once it is well prepared and the Japanese chef are expert in preparing raw dishes like sashimi. The sashimi helps many people loss cholesterol and helps their diet because it has no carbohydrates and seafood is high in protein. They serve fugu but they inform the customers that it is poisonous.