frozen sashimi

frozen sashimi

Frozen sashimi is indeed not a reputable Japanese delicacy. Most of the customers will really hate being served a frozen sashimi. It is not that good to eat either. We all know that sashimi is made from raw fish or meat but serving frozen sashimi won’t help your customers achieve their cravings for a sashimi dinner. Famous restaurants do not serve frozen sashimi. It will only add negativity to their reputation if they will be serving frozen sashimi. It is also not good to eat frozen sashimi because as you know, since it is raw it should be served fresh. Even if it is a sashimi grade sashimi it is not that appropriate to serve frozen sashimi to your customers because it will definitely not make them satisfy.

Frozen sashimi is a huge error. Restaurant owners should take note that customers don’t want to eat frozen sashimi. It is not good to eat a frozen sashimi also. I think there are only a few people who would dare to eat frozen sashimi. Even if it tastes good, frozen sashimi is indeed not that pleasant to eat. I can’t imagine myself eating a frozen sashimi. Even if I am craving for a sashimi I will definitely not eat a frozen sashimi.

There are some ways in order to make your sashimi perfect and being frozen is definitely not one of those ways. You can make sashimi in different ways but not to the point wherein it would be frozen. It is not healthy and not good to eat frozen sashimi. I think there are only a few restaurants that serves frozen sashimi most especially in Japan because they know that their customers doesn’t want to eat frozen sashimi. It will simply bring destruction and chaos to your business.

In my own opinion, it is just right that restaurant owners should refrain from serving frozen sashimi to their customers. It will not bring any good in their business. Sashimi is one of the best Japanese delicacies and it should be served fresh and good and not as a frozen sashimi because there will be no person that would want to eat it that way.