frog sashimi

frog sashimi

The fish is the most popular meat use for sashimi but aside from fish there are other meat uses for making sashimi like horse and chicken. And another meat use for sashimi is the frog. The frog sashimi is another sashimi that people in Japan enjoyed eating. There are other restaurants serve the meat of the frog and serving it raw is kind of unusual to others.

The frog use for making sashimi is a frog not cannot found in the pond on in other places but the frog is breed and it’s good for eating. Many people got curious about frog sashimi that is why this kind of sashimi becomes trend and many people search for the restaurant that serve sashimi made by frog. The frog meat is in good texture and it’s delicious.

The frog meat is not common for preparing food. There some countries that are preparing frog dishes that well cook and not raw. The Japanese chefs are very creative and think of many kinds of meat good for sashimi and the frog sashimi is there another masterpiece and many people easily attracted to eat and it also serve in other countries.

For those people who have tried eating frog sashimi they find it delicious and they can’t believe that frog can be eaten raw. And frog is a kind of animal that are not known for eating it is known to be wild but Japanese chefs are very unpredictable that can able to create unbelievable dish. The frog is slice into a small part it is not serve as whole frog.

Like other sashimi the sashimi made by frog have a side dishes like vegetable, lemon and others it depends on the one preparing it to be more delicious and flavorful. Many people love to try something different and not common to their mouth that is why when sashimi introduces to the market many people eat and love the food.