fresh sashimi

fresh sashimi

Fresh foods are always better than preserved food. As you know, fresh food comes with health a benefit which has less calories, carbohydrate and more on protein, vitamins and mineral. In fact, we are advised to eat more fresh food such as fresh fruits and vegetables especially if we want to become physically fit and mentally healthy. There are also fresh main dish such as fish, meat, seafood, just to name a few. Some people may not want to eat fresh fish or meat due to stomach problem or just too choosy when it comes to food. There are some places that serve fresh food such as sashimi which is originated in Japan.

Sashimi is famous Japanese food which consists of very fresh fish or meat. Sashimi is eaten raw so it requires a high quality of fish with full of meat to make more tasty. Fish that makes a fresh sashimi such as blue fin tuna, salmon and other big type of fishes. Fresh sashimi like blue fin and salmon are commonly serve in Japanese restaurants because it is more meaty and delicious. Japanese people usually eat fresh sashimi since they seldom eat rice. By just eating sashimi it will make you full.

Fresh sashimi is healthier because it has more protein and rich in omega-3. Fresh sashimi is good for those who have body conscious. On the other hand, fresh sashimi contains health risk if it’s not cleaned very well. Since it is fresh from fish, it needs to be cleaned very well before serving. Japanese restaurants have their own way to make it clean and healthy without having health risk when eating fresh sashimi.

According to Japanese chef expert, they have high quality refrigerator to store sashimi to maintain its freshness. The advantage of putting fresh sashimi in high level of freezer is to kill any parasites in the fish. Of course, they make it sure it is clean before serving and prepare it very well as much as possible for safety purposes. Fresh sashimi is a perfect dish when you mixed it with soy sauce or wasabi.