fresh raw fish

fresh raw fish

In Japanese restaurants fresh raw fish play an important role. Like sashimi and sushi. Like sashimi its main ingredients is a raw fish. Many different kinds of fish catch in the ocean and sea for the preparation of sashimi. It is very important that the fish in preparing sashimi and other Japanese cuisine that needed raw fish should be fresh. To avoid contamination of the food make sure check the quality of the fish if the freshness of the meat is high.

You can prepare sashimi at home not only in restaurants. In preparing sashimi at home make sure if you buy fresh raw fish in the supermarket always check the meat of the fish is still good more preparing food. If the fish is no longer fresh it will cause a big problem to the stomach. Salmonella is to be avoided because it can cause bad illness to human. Be good in choosing the right fresh raw fish especially if the food you prepare is raw. Raw food is somewhat complicated compare to a well cook food. A cooked food you can assure that all bacteria from the meat will die when it will heat in cooking.

While in raw food it needs too much careful coz you can’t assure if the fish is free from bacteria and other parasites. You can prevent in any bacteria if the fish is well freeze in a right degree. In the supermarket buy only fresh raw fish that is being refrigerated and put in many ice. There’s a high risk in eating raw fish because raw fish is prone in bacteria and many parasites. If those bacteria will enter to human’s body there’s a big possibility that it can harm the man’s system.

To maintain the freshness of the fish meat always maintain the coolness of the fish check the always freezer. If the temperature is high it will helps kill bacteria and parasites of the meat. It is good for making sashimi that the fish came from the ocean or sea rather than freshwater. Most Japanese restaurants make sure all the fresh raw fish they serve are fresh and they all knew that there’s a high standard in preparing raw food.