fresh fish sushi

fresh fish sushi

The sushi is a Japanese cuisine that is very popular in Japan and now it is also popular in western part of the world. There are so many fishes use for sushi. Those fresh fish sushi will also undergo a procedure and checking. Like in sashimi the fish more sushi should also be fatty and have a fine meat and you cannot find that qualities to all fishes or seafood meat in Japan. The freshness of the fish for sushi should be hundred percent safe and it is proven by the Japanese chef that they are good in terms of preparing sushi.

The fresh fish sushi are the tuna, salmon, blue fin fishes are one of the best that contains best qualities. In Japan you can able to find best fishes that has a good meat it’s good to eat even it is raw. The flesh of the fish meat in Japan is well maintain and restaurant owners make sure that it is safe and no problem if there’s a parasites that will attack the meat.

The good thing in fresh fish sushi is that they have different qualities and texture. Like the tuna, salmon or the yellow fin though they are the same class but the quality of their meat differs from each other and not all fish are good for making sushi. The sushi has many different types the maki and the nigiri are one of the famous sushi in Japan.

There are so many Japanese restaurants in the world not only in Japan because Japanese cuisine is proven delicious cuisine. One if the reasons are because of the fresh fish sushi that is being served by them. They make a unique fresh fish sushi as well. If the fish is not fresh in sushi there is a tendency that it is not delicious. The fish of the sushi will be together with vinegared rice.