famous food of japan

famous food of japan

Japanese people are lovers of food. In Japan they love different kind of food. Most of Japanese food is famous not only in Japan but also from other different countries. Japanese cuisine offers different foods that is so delicious and with nice presentation. Most Japanese restaurants serve yummy food. In Japan is very big factor. As you see the food of Japanese they have a presentable plate presentation. From presentation alone you can able to determine that the food is delectable.

Japanese cuisine is one of the finest cuisines worldwide. All of their food has its own taste and you can assure the quality of the food. Japanese restaurants serve delicious food and at the same the price is not expensive. They make sure the price is suitable to the food they serve. Japanese assures that the food they serve will make their customer happy and contented. Japan is good when it comes to technology but when it come to food they are also leading. Some of their famous food have same name from other cuisine but there cuisine has its own taste. Japanese cuisine has its own designation that people determine. One of the famous foods in Japan that also known in other is Sushi. Sushi has different flavours. One of its famous flavour is Maki Sushi has a lot of ingredients like cucumber and tuna that makes it interesting. Takoyaki is famous food in Japan and it’s very affordable. Takoyaki is made by a light batter and a piece of octopus and deep fried it.

Japanese eat white rice. They have cuisines that the main ingredients are rice. The Curry rice was adopted in Japan and they made their own version of curry rice and become popular in Japan coz many Japanese people enjoyed its taste. Curry rice contains vegetables, potatoes and carrots. Sashimi, Miso Soup, Yudofu is also famous in Japan. The Japanese cuisines are being classified like their noodles, meat dishes, soup and a lot more. Each category has its own famous food and Japanese has its favourite and always love to order. There are so many Japanese restaurants worldwide because many people from different places obsessed with their food.