famous dishes of japan

famous dishes of japan

Japan has so many famous dishes are very delicious and healthy. Their dishes would attract many people not only Japanese also those non-Japanese people love the taste of Japan’s dishes. Japan offers variety of dishes that would surely have an extra ordinary taste. Many choose Japanese dishes rather than eat the usual way of food because in Japan they have this own version of dish that is very authentic.

In rice dishes there are many different kinds of dishes made from rice. Japanese eat rice this one of their important dish. Rice still remains their important ingredients in their famous dishes. Sushi is one of their famous dishes of Japan. Sushi is made from rice flavoured with vinegar. Most people easily determine sushi as Japanese dish because it is famous also in different parts of the world. Aside from rice sushi has other ingredients like fish and garnishes with onions and dip in wasabi paste and soy sauce.

With regards to noodles Japan’s famous noodle dish is Soba. It is made from buckwheat flour. The ramen noodles also are famous dish in Japan though it was originated in China but now it is popularized by Japan. The taste of the soup of ramen is yummy and the taste is so good. No doubt ramen is considered as one of famous dishes in Japan.

There are also many seafood dishes famous in Japan one of those is sashimi. Sashimi is made from large varieties of fish and other seafood from the ocean. Sashimi now is one of the famous dishes in Japan wherein it conquers other countries because of its unique taste and preparation. Sashimi should be eaten raw so when you eat different kinds of sashimi you able to taste much seafood with their flesh and make sure the freshness and the quality of the meat before you attempt to eat sashimi to avoid health problems.