famous dishes in japan

famous dishes in japan

Japanese have so many famous dishes that being love by many people. Their dishes are known not only in Japan but also in other counties. There are many Japanese restaurants in different parts of the world. Their dish accepted from different nationalities. In Japan hundreds of restaurants have same dish they only differ on the taste. There famous dishes in rice bowl, noodles and meat dishes, soy bean dishes and others.

Japanese loves to eat rice some of their famous dishes has an ingredients of rice. Rice is one of the components of their dishes. Like Sushi contains rice and it was being cooked with white rice. Sushi is the famous dishes of Japan and Sushi also is famous outside Japan. Sushi is top with raw fish and flavoured with vinegar. The ingredients of Sushi combined with cooked rice and raw fish that what makes sushi very delicious.

In Japan many of their seafood dishes are famous one of those is the sashimi. The sashimi is made by a raw fresh fish. The large fish should properly prepare. To make sashimi more delicious it needs a soy sauce and wasabi. In the category of noodle dishes the famous in Japan is Soda this is kind noodles buckwheat and wheat flour. The noodles of Soba are same with the noodles of spaghetti. Japanese serve it in hot and in cold.

Another is Ramen. Ramen is one of the famous noodle dishes in Japan though it was originated in China. They love the taste of the Ramen and Japanese make their own version of Ramen. In Japan food prepared in a hot pot is also one of the favourite of the Japanese. The Shabu Shabu is famous also in other country where the meat, vegetables and other ingredients mixed a hot pot. Shabu Shabu is a Japanese style way of eating and being adopted by many countries.

There are a lot of meat dishes in Japan. One of the famous meat dishes is the Yakitora. Yakitora is a grilled chicken wherein almost all of the parts of the chicken are being grilled. To make the Yakitora more delicious it needs a soy sauce to complete the cuisine. The tempura pickles and other dishes considered famous in Japan.