escolar sashimi

escolar sashimi

Escolar sashimi may be a rare type of sashimi that is being sold in different restaurants not only in Japan but all over the world. The reason is that escolar is the world’s most dangerous fish and it is not that easy to find this fish in the local markets that’s why it is very rare to find a escolar sashimi. Aside from that escolar sashimi is also dangerous to eat but at the same time it is very delicious. It is like a double edge sword when it comes to your dining experience because there are different reports saying that a lot of people got sick after eating escolar ashimi. So it is your choice to eat something dangerous but very delicious.

Escolar sashimi may be very delicious but it could also cause harm in your body. There are only a few people who have the guts to eat escolar sashimi. Since it is raw, the chances of getting an illness is very high but still there are people that would love to eat it even if it is very dangerous. Escolar sashimi is a controversial type of sashimi but there are also reviews that are saying that it is indeed very delicious that’s why people who are fond of eating sashimi are getting curious if what it really taste like even if it is quite dangerous to eat.

Taste the danger, that is the perfect definition for escolar sashimi. It is your decision whether you would like to taste it despite the danger that it could offer in your health and in your body. Although there are different types of sashimi but this particular type of sashimi remains to be one of the talk about and controversial type of sashimi. Its taste is really exquisite according to the reviews of the people.

In my own opinion, I will not risk my health in eating something that is very delicious but at the same time could bring harm to my health. Even if there are some people who are saying that they did not get any illness upon eating but I would just like to bring safety to my own health and make sure to eat only healthy foods.