eel sashimi

eel sashimi

Sea eel is good for eating flesh like sashimi. Eel has a lighter texture and it’s delicious to serve it raw. Eel sashimi is enjoyed eating by many people. The eel are best in summer and in winter. You can easily find eel in Japanese markets. Those eel are well chosen and fresh from saltwater. The meat of the eel is soft and tender and it’s very yummy when you mix it with sauce.

Most eels spend most of the time in freshwater. Some people prefer eel to grilled or cooked. They find eel delicious when it’s well cooked and others have it steam. Eel sashimi is slice thinly and prepare in a plate together with side dishes. Eel sashimi will be complete appetizer with sauce and wasabi paste.

There so many types of sashimi in Japan and eel sashimi are one of the best choices when it comes to sashimi. Most Japanese people really love eating raw. Eel sashimi is very popular in Japan. Eel is good to during summer since summer people get hot and they looking for food that can ease the hotness of the season and they find eel sashimi best food for summer.

The looks of the eel really looks unusual compare to those large fishes in the ocean. But with eel sashimi it has its different taste that people satisfied especially during summer. Eel sashimi is very saleable in Japan and they really enjoyed eating it raw and feel the flesh of the eel every time they eat eel sashimi.

They still prefer to eat eel in raw rather than well-cooked. People has its own different preferences and love to try dishes that are not familiar to them and love to try something new and different like eel sashimi.