ebi sashimi

ebi sashimi

Ebi means fresh shrimp the common shrimp in Japan is called kuruma ebi. Sashimi is known that the main ingredients is fish like salmon,tuna but it can also use also ebi in making sashimi. The kuruma ebi is good for sashimi. It brings different food taste that most Japanese people became their dish. Sashimi has many options what seafood product to use either fis,lobster,tuna or ebi. Japanese cuisine gives variety of chooses.

In ebi sashimi it makes sure that the shrimp is fresh and properly prepare. The ebi has a different meat compare to fish. Fish like tuna has thicker meat compare to ebi but they have different taste of the meat. Ebi sashimi is only one of the options of the customers. Others love to eat shrimp in a different style or way. Ebi sashimi is something unique type of shrimp because we all know shrimp can be eats if it’s well cooked and well prepared.

Japanese are people are fun of experimenting new dishes. They love to try different way of cooking. Ebi sashimi is healthy knowing seafood is good for human’s health compare to pork meat. Seafood is advisable for diet but it’s not advisable for those people who have allergies of seafood. Many people love to eat ebi. Shrimp is a universal food and it can be cook in many varieties. In ebi sashimi this is something dissimilar to others.

Like other ordinary sashimi ebi sashimi also needs a dipping sauce. The dipping sauce of ebi sashimi is like the same with other sashimi sauce. Wasabi and soy sauce will do. There are many Japanese restaurants now serve ebi sashimi. Ebi sashimi already include in sashimi menu. Japanese restaurants from other country also already serve ebi sashimi and many people love the taste of this kind of sashimi.

In making ebi sashimi make sure you choose the right shrimp suitable for ebi sashimi. Not all shrimp is good for ebi sashimi. There is an appropriate shrimp and you should not forget those healthy procedures to follow. Preparing raw food should have great attention compare to a well cooked food.