dishes from japan

dishes from japan

There are a lot of dishes from Japan and out of all the Japanese dishes available I could say that my favorites are ramen, sashimi and sushi. Yes they are the most common yet very delicious dishes from Japan. Now a day’s a lot of restaurants are serving dishes from Japan but in my own opinion, I could say that the best restaurants that offers dishes from Japan are located in the country itself. But there are also some other restaurants that are not located in Japan but also have good quality of dishes from Japan. Meaning different chefs from all over the world have gained knowledge in preparing dishes from Japan that’s why if you are dining in a Japanese restaurant outside Japan, you would somehow feel that you are eating from an actual Japanese restaurant located in Japan.

Dishes in Japan may not be familiar in the past but because of modernization and with the help of television commercials, a lot of people appreciate the dishes from Japan. In the past I find Japanese dishes as weird because I was just seeing them from television commercials but when I actually tasted dishes from Japan, it became one of my favorite foreign dishes. I have learned that Japanese dishes are very delicious. Even if you are not actually dining in Japan but because of how good Japanese chefs are, they could actually mimic the taste of a real Japanese dish. I could also say that you should at least taste a ramen, sashimi and sushi if you have a quest in experiencing dishes from Japan. These three dishes are the very delicious and very healthy especially the ramen.

Japanese dishes are simply the best of the world. I love eating Japanese food and dining in Japanese restaurants. I am hoping that someday I’ll be able to visit Japan and dine in one of the most famous Japanese restaurants. For sure I will taste all other Japanese dishes that I haven’t tasted yet. Dishes from Japan are really delicious and even people from all over the world appreciates its quality and taste.