difference of sushi and sashimi

difference of sushi and sashimi

Some people might get confused about the difference of sushi and sashimi. Well, sushi and sashimi have differences. Sushi and sashimi are both Japanese food but both varies in many instances. As you know, sushi and sashimi are famous Japanese food. These two Japanese foods are often ordered by many people in Japanese restaurants. But the two have its own way of hitting the taste of many Japanese food eaters. Japanese foods are one of the best food even non-Japanese people are often eat or dine in Japanese restaurants because they have unique but delicious food that will make you craved.

By just looking at it you can tell the difference of sushi and sashimi. Sushi is cooked with vinegared rice which is wrapped with seaweed. Sushi is mixed with various vegetables or fruits which are put in the center of the sushi roll. Some people call sushi a sashimi because some sushi has sashimi as side dish or main dish. Sushi has more calories because it is cooked with vinegard rice. There are different types of sushi but the most common is the roll sushi. Sushi can satisfy your cravings and make you full because of the vinegared rice. The rice of sushi is sweet and somewhat sticky.

On the other hand, sashimi is just a simple dish. Sashimi is a fresh Japanese food from tuna or any type of high quality fish. Sashimi is cut into thin pieces and it is mixed with soy sauce, wasabi and other seasoning or garnish. Sashimi is eaten raw unlike sushi it is cooked very well. The difference of sushi and sashimi is sashimi has less calories and contains more protein and omega-3. The difference of sushi and sashimi is also the taste. Sushi and sashimi are both delicious but each has its own taste. Sushi and sashimi can be paired as dish.

Therefore, sushi and sashimi are different from each other. They are the same origin but differ in how it cook and prepare.