difference between sushi sashimi and nigiri

difference between sushi sashimi and nigiri

There are people make sushi and sashimi similar to other. Some make these two dishes interchangeable well in fact sushi and sashimi are different from each other. There are a lot of differences between sushi sashimi and nigiri. Sushi and sashimi are both Japanese cuisine but they are prepared differently.

Nigiri is a type of sushi. Nigiri sushi is type of sushi that being prepared with vinegared and on top on it is a fish. In preparing nigiri sushi Japanese rice will be the main ingredients. Nigiri sushi is one of the popular sushi in Japan because nigiri sushi id delicious and tasteful. Nigiri sushi has big difference between sushi sashimi and nigiri.

The difference between sushi sashimi and nigiri is that sushi involved cooking while sashimi will be prepared raw. All necessary ingredients of sashimi are raw. Cooking is a big no for sashimi. All seafood meat will be slice thinly put it the bowl together with side dishes such like vegetables and ginger.

Sushi has an ingredient of sushi rice and nigiri sushi has a sushi rice ingredients. The sushi rice will be cooked and flavoured with vinegar. In nigiri sushi the top of the vinegared rice is either cooked or raw fish meat. It’s up to the food handler what kind of fish he will use for nigiri. It is not necessary that raw meat will be put on top of the nigiri sashimi.

A lot people will always ask the difference between sushi sashimi and nigiri especially for those non-Japanese people because there is some preparation of sushi that looks sashimi and vice versa. Both sashimi and nigiri sushi are delicious food. Those dishes are Japanese masterpiece and many people around the globe are excited to taste eat nigiri sushi and sashimi. Raw meat like sashimi is very flavourful and people tried eating sashimi finds exciting.