difference between sushi and sashimi and nigiri

difference between sushi and sashimi and nigiri

Sashimi, sushi nigiri are Japanese food. The difference between sushi and sashimi and nigiri is that the preparation of the food is different from each other. Sashimi and Nigiri is two dishes of Japan and the difference between the two is that sashimi is usually made from large fish in the ocean. Meat use for making sashimi have a high quality because the fish meat will only slice thinly and after that will put in the plate put some garnished and then you can only eat sashimi.

With Nigiri sushi fresh fish is only part of the ingredients and its main ingredients is the Japanese rice either white or brown. There is no rice with sashimi you will eat the flesh of the meat directly in your mouth after dipping it in the wasabi paste and soy sauce. It important to know the difference between sushi and sashimi and nigiri because many people are confused and they make the two dishes interchange. There are so many different types of sashimi and sushi. In sushi nigiri is one of the types of sushi.

Always remember sashimi doesn’t involve cooking it is purely fresh and slice thinly. To complete the dish chefs can add many side dishes like vegetables, onions to make more nice and delicious. With regards to taste no doubt sashimi and sushi nigiri are delicious. To become the sushi a complete meal you can add miso soup. For those first timers of eating sashimi, sushi nigiri and they do not make any research regarding the food it’s hard for them to recognize the difference between sushi and sashimi from sushi nigiri.

With regards to presentation of the food sashimi and nigiri have a different product presentation. Nigiri is on top of the Japanese rice and it taste sour because the Japanese rice is being flavoured by vinegar while in sashimi the meat will be slice thinly and proportionately and with designs it’s up to the chefs artistic idea. The taste of sashimi is sweet opposite to sushi nigiri.